This Grade II listed building is a former military barracks  built circa 1855 in an Italian style with turrets at the angles very similar in design to those of Lichfield and Stafford. The building is the only visible evidence linking the town with its past military affairs.

Britain had been at war in the Crimea from 1853-1856 and so great were the casualties that the government was forced to introduce an act of parliament to remedy the situation. The act, known as the New Militia Amendment Act, stipulated that towns like Newcastle would build military Barracks for the recruitment and training of personnel and the storage of military equipment.

The Barracks became the headquarters of the Third Kings Own Staffordshire Militia and housed 12 staff sergeants and families. Not luxurious living, overcrowding, shared washing facilities, external drinking water pumps.  

The Barracks was eventually decommissioned in 1882 and was purchased privately by Major W.H. Dalton for £1000 on the understanding that when no longer used by the militia volunteers would be made available for the citizens of Newcastle. Some of its subsequent uses were – Ambulance and Fire station, Police Lock-up, home for pensioners and an employment centre for Remploy.  

Today the Barracks is managed by the Barracks Trust, who are the guardians of the building, and it currently provides a home for a variety of independent businesses.

In 2019 the Trust received £97,000 from the National Heritage Lottery for the replacement of 42 courtyard windows to support the preservation of the building. A series of community heritage activities also took place, giving people the opportunity to learn about the Barracks rich historical tapestry.
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